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Laurel Landscapes was hatched by a group of friends who met while working together on environmental policy and advocacy, but who were frustrated how the long days and numerous political campaigns hadn’t achieved the results they wanted. Our founders realized people engage most with the environment when doing something outdoors that activates our senses, and, most of all, when it’s fun! 


Taking all that into account, they thought there must be a huge opportunity with landscaping and the tens of millions of gardeners and plant lovers. They did not see companies offering a fully-sustainable product that also emphasized heirloom varietals and edibles. More than that, our founders treasured their experiences in nature, and they wondered if it would be possible to craft landscape designs that offered those same opportunities, but in someone’s backyard. 


Starting in Denver in 2020, they offered these innovative designs in a fully customizable package under a values-first brand with white glove service, and a plan to deal with customer pain points by controlling every aspect of the process from design to install. Most of all, they presented an ongoing experience in nature that activates our deepest emotional connections rather than just a one-and-done product, all built with the highest standards for sustainability and regeneration. 


From the beginning, what Laurel Landscapes offered was what many people were looking for. We’re now in 8 markets, with more opening this year. By 2026, we intend to reach over half of the country. More products and services are on the way, too.



dani beutell

head of marketing

Dani graduated from Columbia College Chicago, earned a Social Permaculture certification from Regenerate Change, and is working towards her Permaculture Design Certification. She has over a decade of experience in holistic business development, brand strategy, and digital marketing. Dani is passionate about applying business as a vehicle for beneficial change, and transforming business culture from the inside out through regenerative design.

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katie andrews

head of operations

Katie Andrews was born and raised in Colorado and now lives in Vancouver, Washington. She graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder and has since gotten to work for various startups and gain invaluable operational experience. She brings her keen systems sense and her passion for connecting people back to the Earth to work for Laurel Landscapes

david rossini

chief executive officer

David Rossini is from Concord, Massachusetts, graduated from Vassar College, and has lived in Denver, Colorado since 2012. Previous to Laurel Landscapes he worked in politics training thousands of people to use the levers of government to protect our living earth. David co-founded Laurel Landscapes to design spaces that inspire people to get outside.

kristina ryan

head of gardening

Kristina Ryan resides in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado and has traveled the world, working in regenerative farming, social media marketing, and social change in a variety of contexts. Her personal mission is to create justice both internally and externally through our social structures and the usage of land.

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gwen nahnsen

head of sales

Gwen Nahnsen is a graduate of American University and Green Corps. She holds a Permaculture Design Certification from the Center for Bioregional Studies and is working towards her Social Permaculture Design Certification from Regenerate Change. Gwen has always been passionate about regenerative systems design and continues to be active in her community.

sam landenwitsch

chief financial officer

Sam Landenwitsch graduated from Yale University, then spent 14 years in nonprofit advocacy and policy-development, including 9 years as Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff for a large national nonprofit. Sam guides Laurel Landscapes' business strategy and product development, and consults nonprofits and businesses in the US and Canada. He grew up in rural Pennsylvania with 3 horses, worked on a dairy farm, and has a special interest in planting unique trees and flowers.

silke henstebeck

head of design

Silke Henstebeck has worked in the landscape architecture field since she graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Silke loves the opportunity to build a passionate design department whose goal is to create magic in homeowners yards at a small scale, and to build out our impact from there.


Andrew J..png
andrew joseph


Andrew Joseph is a graduate of Fordham University and the Spitzer School of Architecture at City College. He has since worked on award-winning projects across North America. Andrew believes that design has the ability to shape the world, providing a brighter, more equitable and sustainable future for us all.

anthony gemma

lead designer

Anthony Gemma graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and holds a Permaculture Design Certification from the Center for Bioregional Living in New York. He has experience in residential, commercial, and civic landscape design projects across multiple regions in the US. Anthony loves bringing people's visions to life and creating thoughtfully designed spaces.

garrett rubin


Garrett Rubin graduated from Ohio State University and has since worked in many different genres in the landscape design industry. He enjoys providing a quality space crafted for an individual, and his work which aims to satisfy the unique needs of each home-owner. Garrett enjoys creative problem solving and collaborating to create a vibrant space to call home.

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katie sargent


Katie Sargent has a master's degree in ecological landscape design & planning and is a SITES Accredited Professional through the US Green Building Council's Sustainable Sites Initiative. She’s interested in the connection between health and design, and loves teaching her children how to grow their own food. She hopes to share this passion with Laurel Landscapes clients.

molly o'brien

lead designer

Molly O’Brien graduated from the University of California Berkeley and has worked in the horticultural field and garden design for over a decade. Her passions of habitat restoration, edible and native planting and social justice through gardening helps homeowners everywhere feel a connection to their outdoor space and their community as a whole.

sophia molnar di biase


Sophia Molnar Di Biase has a background in Architecture and has specialized in the bridge between indoor and outdoor space. She has a masters from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. She loves seeking inspiration from the natural world and adapting sustainable practices both big and small to her projects.

ranim elhariri


Ranim El Hariri's education focused on landscape architecture and agriculture engineering. She enjoys design because of its power in changing people's lives especially when working in residential landscapes. Ranim loves exploring new ways of visualization to deliver ideas creatively to clients and aspires to give clients the best version of their dream homes.



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