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The story behind Kitchen Door’s mission and values begins with the history of our founders. Kitchen Door’s founders were environmentalists who shared a background working in environmental policy-making and advocacy. Some of them spent decades in politics, but all of them left it behind because it just wasn’t working. They all hoped Kitchen Door could change that.

Kitchen Door’s mission is to improve the lives of our customers by transforming the spaces outside of their homes to create more opportunities for joy, social connection, and intimacy with nature, and doing it all in a way that is a breeze rather than a chore. If we are successful, then not only will our customers benefit, but so will their communities and local ecosystems.

Some of the reasons are obvious: converting turf grass into biodiverse landscapes means healthy habitats for the myriad amazing creatures around us, and it means less water wasted and fewer chemicals getting into our bodies. Kitchen Door factors carbon sequestration and soil regeneration into all of our design and care plans. Working with Kitchen Door means engaging employees who are compensated well and have their employer’s support to thrive in their own lives.

If we are successful, then not only will our customers benefit, but so will their communities and local ecosystems.

But some of what Kitchen Door accomplishes is harder to see at first but perhaps even more meaningful. When we transform the places around us, those places in turn transform us. Even though we don’t notice it right away, we are a little more inspired to go to the mountains or visit a forest, to eat out a little less, and to add a few more plants to our diets. If the outside spaces of our homes are designed to encourage connection with friends and family, we’re inspired to grow closer with each other and to deepen our roots in the wonderful places where we live. That’s what nature can do – it makes all of us feel like we’ve arrived home.

Our founders have spent their lives trying in different ways to preserve the amazing biodiversity of life on our planet, because we know a thriving planet makes all of us happier, healthier, and more resilient. Home by home, Kitchen Door makes that happen. We improve our local environments. We improve the wellbeing of our clients, employees, and business partners. And we create the conditions for human life and the natural world to flourish.


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